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Tour Protean Labs

South Florida's idea factory

with Gary Chin '92, president of the MIT Club of South Florida

Date: Tuesday, May 23rd
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Tour and Talk of Tech Transfer at Protean Labs

Protean Labs is a unique South Florida idea factory. It is named after the Greek god Proteus who could change his form at will from a human into a snake or a horse or a sea creature.

Since being formed in 2012, Protean Labs has been the nucleus for the development of numerous new technologies and spinout companies:

The mission is to develop low cost and effective solutions which involve some combination of physics, chemistry, biology, and computing to solve large-scale problems. ‚Äč

Research efforts range from medical diagnostics, to curative cancer therapeutics, to detecting deadly pathogens in foods, to developing a test to detect real vs. fake urine and many more research projects which are still in stealth mode.

Global companies, like Becton Dickinson and LabCorp, are partners looking to implement Protean solutions into their systems.

Some Protean Labs projects have garnered the attention of high profile investors including Peter Thiel, who’s an early investor in one of the Protean spinout companies.

Protean Labs has recently entered a new phase in its growth with a focus on commercialization and licensing of the proprietary technologies which Protean has created.

Gary Chin '92, President of the MIT Club, has recently joined Protean Labs. He is leading those commercialization transmutations for Protean Labs.

Please note that Gary's new email is now gary.chin@proteanlabs.net or gchin@alum.mit.edu

Location:   Protean Labs
7600 NW 69th Ave

Miami , Fl 33166

Tickets: FREE for current paid MIT Club members

$10 per person for other MIT alumni, Spouses, and Guests

Light Refreshments Will Be Provided







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